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Sumba Hotels

There are various sleeping options throughout Sumba. When travelling around independently you can stay with the village head- kepala desa usually for a small contribution for food and board. The two main surfing areas: Kalala and Tarimbang have places to stay and there are three luxury resorts in West Sumba that should be booked prior to arrival. Otherwise your best options are in the main towns of Waingapu and Waikabubak.


There are a number of hotels in Waingapu that i'm listing in no particular order:

The Hotel Elvin

This is newly renovated and undergoing further renovation. It is clean, well maintained and the rooms are great. It's also the most expensive.

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Standard Rp. 88,000
VIP Rp. 275,000


The Hotel Merlin

The classic East Indonesian hotel, established and solid. Unbelievably high stairs, a restaurant with the best view in town and can rent cars, motorbikes and guides.

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Economy Single Rp. 110,000
Double Rp. 132,000
Triple Rp. 154,000
VIP Single Rp. 132,000
Double Rp. 154,000
Triple Rp. 176,000
Suite Single Rp. 180,000
Double Rp. 220,000
Triple Rp. 242,000


The Hotel Sandlewood

The Merlin alternative (and pretty much next door). Better for someone looking for cheaper rooms than for its better ones it'll also rent you cars, has guides and sells cloth. It's restaurant is just down the street

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Class II Single Rp. 55,000
Double Rp. 77,000
Class I Single Rp. 88,000
Double Rp. 121,000
VIP B Single Rp. 143,000
Double Rp. 165,000
VIP A Single Rp. 165,000
Double Rp. 187,000


Hotel Jemi

A very pratical warehouse. Caters only for Indonesian groups and events. Has a badminton Court

Kampung Raja Prailiu

Perhaps the best experiene of all is to live in a village. Kampung Raja Prailiu is just on the edge of Waingapu towards the airport. You can live with the family in the Royal Village. They'll provide three meals a day with tea and coffee plus you have an invaluable source of information on all things Sumbanese. Learn to cook, weave, speak Sumbanese and you'll definately hear about any weddings or funerals that are taking place in the area. If you want to understand the life and work of the Sumbanese this is a must.

Per Night plus meals Rp 200,000

Phone 0387 61773 and ask for Tamu Rambu Margareta (Speaks Indonesian and Sumbanese) or Rambu Marru (Speaks English)

Elsewhere in East Sumba

There's really only three other options outside of the Kepala Desa

Kampung Praiyawang in Rende




This is the best, with the best views and the best breakfast. About 2km out of Waikabubak.


Is small compact, very friendly and with excellent advice.


The big, central classic. Has a restaurant worth dropping into.


The cheapest and arguably the best location. Right at the central crossroads.

The Upper End Options

The Main Suite complex in NihiWatu

Everything you need to know about these three is clear enough from there websites.

Sumba Nautil is on Marosi beach in the Wanukaka/Lamboya area.

NihiWatu is on a great wave nearby, exclusive and private. Connected to a charitable foundation and marketed by Quicksilver.

Newa Sumba Resort is up in the North near the airport.