Welcome to Sumba

Sumba is an island that almost defies description. Flying over it you see a vast expanse of drumlin like hills looking scant and bare with rock protruding through stumped alang grasses. Its predominant browns, blacks and greys in apparent denial of all images and myths of south east Asian lush greenery.

Bring your GPS?

There are now 3 Geocaches available to find in East Sumba. Check them out.


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But up close it shows a very different side. Between each rocky hill lies hidden treasures. Densely hidden villages, crystal clear streams, and tight clumps of forest, field and paddy. Not to mention some of the most beautiful secluded beaches you could imagine reserved only for people prepared to put in the time, efffort and bone rattling needed to get there.

People come here for all sorts of different reasons. Surfing, Anthropology, (N)GO development, Lost, Seeking a remote unspoilt island, Collector of cloth or gold and many other reasons besides. Whichever reason is yours I hope this site has something for you.