Sumba Links

Here is a varied collection of links and resources that you may find useful


Birdlife International

This guys do great work on the island and worldwide

ACIAR Fire Management project in NTT

For those of you who find this sort of stuff interesting you should check this out.

Portal Communitas Orang Sumba (mostly in Indonesian)


David's place in Kalala

The Sumba Foundation

This site is connected the charitable oraganisation connected directly to the NihiWatu Luxury resort

NihiWatu Resort

The afformentioned luxury resort, marketed by QuickSilver, frequented by the elite, food from Bali.

Sumba Island

Mostly in Indonesian, Provides forums and user information on current events, tours etc.


Adelaide Road Church

These are the guys that I belong to, as it were. Check out their site, pay them a visit or just see what's happening in church in Dublin


An exiciting experimental group. No-one know's what they're experimenting in but it's got something to do with God, something to do with creativity and something to do with post modernism. Either way they're worth a look and definitely worth a vist. If anyone can understand their mission statement please explain it to me

Ship of fools

If you haven't seen this one you probably should. But please put your sensibilities behind you before you go